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2018: Masayoshi Tomizuka
Recipient of Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award

For seminal and pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of mechatronic systems control

2018: Andrew G. Alleyne
Recipient of Control Engineering Practice Award

For pioneering contributions to modeling, simulation and control of dynamic thermal systems, and their applications in aerospace, automotive and building control industries.

2018: Behrouz Touri
Recipient of Donald P. Eckman Award

For outstanding contributions to stochastic methods applied to distributed and networked control systems

2018: Frank Lewis
Recipient of John R. Ragazzini Education Award

For writing textbooks, mentoring Ph.D. and undergraduate students, and international educational leadership

2018: Marius Schmitt, Chithrupa Ramesh, Paul Goulart, and John Lygeros - Theory Award
Recipient of O. Hugo Schuck Award

“Convex, Monotone Systems are Optimally Operated at Steady-State,” 2017 ACC paper # 761.

2018: Luca Furieri, Thomas Stastny, Lorenzo Marconi, Roland Siegwart, and Igor Gilitschenski - Application Award
Recipient of O. Hugo Schuck Award

“Gone with the Wind: Nonlinear Guidance for Small Fixed-Wing Aircraft in Arbitrarily Strong Windfields,” 2017 ACC paper # 1430.