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Maryam Khanbaghi

Maryam Khanbaghi
Workshop Committee Chair
Santa Clara University
Maryam Khanbaghi received her Bachelor’s degree from Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, and M.Sc.A and Ph.D degrees from École Polytechnique, Montreal, Canada all in Electrical Engineering. She worked for Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada in Montreal and Vancouver as a research engineer in advanced control. In 2000, she was recruited by Corning Inc. to design and implement advanced, state-of-the-art control systems for Corning processes and products, overseeing a team of control engineers at the Corning Research Center and serving as a key technical expert for advanced control systems design matters. She was recognized as the corporate champion in Corning for the analysis and design of advanced control systems. She then moved to a commercial marketing position as technical liaison between West Coast major high technology companies and Corning Inc. She is now an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University in the Electrical Engineering department, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and conducts research in control system design/optimization for large systems such as power plants. Dr. Khanbaghi received a Technology All Star award from the Career Communications Magazine in 2002 and was selected to participate in the National Academy of Engineers Frontiers of Engineering Symposium in 2005. She has published over thirty papers in journals, conference proceedings and company internal research papers. She has one patent and one patent application. She has served as an associate editor for IEEE Control System Magazine and on the Industrial Advisory Board for ASME’s Dynamic Systems and Control Division. She was the Local Arrangements Chair for the 2011 American Control Conference. Dr. Khanbaghi has a long-standing interest in enhancing industry/academia collaboration in control systems and organized a special session at ACC 2012 on this topic.