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Fall 2006 Newsletter

Monday, June 6, 2011
Columns: Officers Speak

President's Corner
The state of the AACC is excellent. First, of all the AACC finances are in excellent shape. Our main source of income is the ACC conference, and any financial returns from the conference are distributed back to the member societies in proportion to their participation in the conference. One of the most important developments in the financial arena for AACC is the financial return we get for papers published in the ACC Proceedings through the IEEE Xplore program. 

This has enabled our treasurer, Russ Rhinehart, to create over the past few years a strategic reserve of approximately $300,000, which ensures that we can weather any unexpected problems in conferences and symposia that we underwrite, while still returning funds of approximately $100,000 total each year to member societies. In the future, we expect this new source of income to enable us to reduce the cost of ACC participation, especially for students, and to increase our investment in AACC awards.