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Spring 2004 Newsletter

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Columns: Officers Speak

The year 2004 brings several very significant changes to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC or A2C2). As you probably know, the key people in the operation of the council have been Abe Haddad, its Secretary, and Mal Beaverstock, its Treasurer. Both Abe and Mal have done their jobs with great verve and enthusiasm as well as skill for many years. This year Pradeep Misra replaces Abe Haddad as Secretary and R. Russell Rhinehart replaces Mal Beaverstock as Treasurer. 

This change has been gradual. Pradeep and Russ have been working with their predecessors for several years and have already shown that they can perform in their new roles. I hereby offer Abe and Mal my personal thanks for the many things they have done for the council and for me. And, I wish Pradeep and Russ every success in their new jobs.