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What’s in a Name?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Here’s an interesting story:  The name for AACC assigned by the Internal Revenue Service was the “American Automatic Control Council Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn”.  Former AACC Treasurer Jordan Berg discovered that it had been that way from May 11, 1964, when the IRS granted the 501 (c) 3 status to the AACC, to just recently, after current AACC Treasurer Linda Bushnell sent a letter to the IRS in June 2014 requesting the change. Our official IRS name has now returned to the original (from the founding on March 16, 1957) “American Automatic Control Council.”  Yea!
How did this come about? Gerald Weiss was the Secretary of AACC 1962-1971 and Treasurer 1962-1967. Gerald applied for 501 (c) 3 status with the return address of 
American Automatic Control Council
c/o Professor Gerald Weiss
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
333 Jay Street
Brooklyn 1, New York
It is our best guess that Gerald’s address became inadvertently concatenated with the AACC name.  Unfortunately, the original 1023 IRS document for non-profit status could not be found by the IRS.  
The organization name in the IRS records, of course, had no impact on the AACC role in representing the US Control community to the International Federation of Automatic Control or our activities within the US.  For 50 years it had gone unrecognized, but it is good to have the IRS now know us by our right name.  
Treasurers do more than prepare and monitor budgets!  Thanks Jordan and Linda.