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APS Becomes an AACC Society Member

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Applied Probability Society (APS) of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), has become the 9th society member of the AACC.  APS has about 700 individual members representing diverse disciplines (from business to engineering to sciences) and is rapidly growing.  The members are exploring applications of probability theory to improve control in manufacturing, data networks, service and financial systems, and more.  While classical control applications consider that the process, machine, or response to be controlled is deterministic, the unique aspect of APS is that they deal with the stochastic or probabilistic nature of many processes.  Their main conference is the INFORMS Applied Probability Conference, and they host the open access journal Stochastic Systems.  

With initial origins in 1971, the organization was granted society status in 1998.  Membership in AACC was unanimously accepted by the AACC Board of Directors in January 2016.

Dr. Spyros Reveliotis (Georgia Institute of Technology) will be the delegate from APS to the AACC Board, and Dr. Ioannis Paschalidis (Boston University) will be the alternate delegate. 

AACC is now comprised of nine society members (see the links at the bottom of the page), with the mission to represent the US to the International organization IFAC, and to enhance cooperation between the several US societies whose members are exploring automation.  Although, the AACC is powered by individuals interested in automation (between 100 and 400 volunteers at any one time, and seeks people who would like to support the mission), we do not have individual memberships.  If you wish to become an individual member of a society with a focus on automation, consider joining one or more of the AACC societies.