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Invitation to attend the 2014 American Control Conference

The 2014 ACC will be held at the Hilton Portland & Executive Towers, Portland, OR, June 4-6 2014, with workshops on June 2&3.  The program has been set.   For information on registration and the program, visit the conference site at

The venue is within blocks of entertainment and tourist venues, and close proximity to the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, Oregon Historical Society, Portland Art Museum, and the Washington Park Zoo.  America's most bike friendly city, Portland is also well known for its friendly walkable short city blocks dotted with microbreweries.

The ACC is internationally recognized as a premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of control theory and practice. The ACC brings together an international community of researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest findings in control research and practice.  The 2014 ACC will feature several kinds of presentations including contributed and invited papers, invited sessions, tutorial sessions, and special sessions along with workshops and exhibits.


Call for Papers – 2015 American Control Conference

The 2015 ACC will be held at the Hilton Palmer House, Chicago, July 1-3 2015, with workshops on June 29&30.  The call for papers and workshop proposals is open.  For more information, visit the conference site at:

The Ideas and Technology Control Systems Workshop was held in conjunction with the 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control at the Grand Wailea Hotel in Maui, HI, on December 12, 2012 (

The purpose of this outreach event is to increase the general awareness of the importance of systems and control technology and its cross-disciplinary nature among high school students and teachers. The control field spans science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The success of all STEM fields depends on attracting the most gifted young people to science and engineering profession. Early exposure to middle and high school students and their teachers is a key factor. The goal of these outreach efforts is to promote an increased awareness of the importance and cross-disciplinary nature of control and systems technology. 
150 middle and high school students and teachers from three Hawaii schools participated in workshop activities that included presentations by control systems experts from our technical community, informal discussions, and the opportunity for teachers and students to meet passionate researchers and educators from academia and industry. The talks are designed to be educational, inspirational and entertaining showing the excitement of the STEM fields.
The workshop was sponsored by IEEE CDC 2012, IEEE CSS Technical Board, AACC, IEEE CSS Outreach Fund, the University of Kansas, and the University of Hawaii. The Organizer was Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (University of Kansas), who was assisted by Linda Bushnell (University of Washington), Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii), Cody Clifton (University of Kansas), and Dominique Duncan (Yale University). The Organizing and Program Committee consisted of members of the IEEE CSS Technical Committee on Control Education and AACC Technical Committee on Education.

Lee Keel has been appointed as the new news editor.

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President’s Corner

In this first AACC Newsletter of 2011, let me welcome you, our readers, to an exciting year of activities, which involve directly the American Automatic Control Council.The first is the upcoming American Control Conference (ACC), to be held in San Francisco, California (June 29-July 1), for which the technical program is already in place (for more details, see All indications are that we should again expect a memorable event. In addition to what looks like a very high quality technical program, we will also have our annual awards ceremony scheduled during the conference, on its second day (June 30) as in the past, but this time right after the late afternoon sessions. The ceremony will feature four 2011 AACC individual awards (Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award, John R. Ragazzini Education Award, Control Engineering Practice Award, Donald P. Eckman Award), two 2011 AACC paper awards (O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Awards, in the Theory and Applications categories), and the 2011 ACC Best Student-Paper Award. For the six AACC awards, the Awards Committee (chaired, as in the last year, by Stephen Yurkovich), along with its subcommittees, has already completed its work, and the recipients of this year's awards have already been informed. I look forward to seeing a big turnout at the ceremonies this year.

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The year 2004 brings several very significant changes to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC or A2C2). As you probably know, the key people in the operation of the council have been Abe Haddad, its Secretary, and Mal Beaverstock, its Treasurer. Both Abe and Mal have done their jobs with great verve and enthusiasm as well as skill for many years. This year Pradeep Misra replaces Abe Haddad as Secretary and R. Russell Rhinehart replaces Mal Beaverstock as Treasurer. This change has been gradual. Pradeep and Russ have been working with their predecessors for several years and have already shown that they can perform in their new roles. I hereby offer Abe and Mal my personal thanks for the many things they have done for the council and for me. And, I wish Pradeep and Russ every success in their new jobs.

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President's Corner
The state of the AACC is excellent. First, of all the AACC finances are in excellent shape. Our main source of income is the ACC conference, and any financial returns from the conference are distributed back to the member societies in proportion to their participation in the conference. One of the most important developments in the financial arena for AACC is the financial return we get for papers published in the ACC Proceedings through the IEEE Xplore program. This has enabled our treasurer, Russ Rhinehart, to create over the past few years a strategic reserve of approximately $300,000, which ensures that we can weather any unexpected problems in conferences and symposia that we underwrite, while still returning funds of approximately $100,000 total each year to member societies. In the future, we expect this new source of income to enable us to reduce the cost of ACC participation, especially for students, and to increase our investment in AACC awards.

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President’s Corner

We have completed this summer a very successful American Control Conference (ACC), held in Baltimore, Maryland (June 30-July 2), which was a memorable event in terms of both the quality of its technical program and the smoothness of its organization. Glenn Masada (General Chair), Richard Braatz (Program Chair), and the entire operating and programming committee members deserve recognition and our thanks for all their efforts in making this conference such a successful one. For readers of this Newsletter who were not able to attend the ACC this year, the papers included in the Proceedings volume can be accessed, as in the past, through IEEE Xplore.

Columns: Officers Speak
President’s Corner

In recent years we have not received a sufficient number of nominations for these awards, and we ask for your assistance with this important issue. Please contact your society colleagues, leadership, and society award committees and nominate a colleague today!