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AACC Committees

Nominating Committee

Past President and Nominating Committee Chair
Edwin R. Gilliland Professor
Dept of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

(617) 253-3112


(617) 258-5042

The Nominating Committee shall prepare nominations for AACC Officers and Committee chairs. The nominations shall be presented to the AACC Board of Directors for approval decisions. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the AACC Past President.

Awards Committee

Awards Committee Chair:
Richard M. Murray
Thomas E. and Doris Everhart Professor of
Control & Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering
California Institute of Technology

The Awards Committee shall study and recommend the establishment of prizes, awards, and fellowships to be granted by AACC for meritorious contribution to the advancement of the art and science of Automatic Control, for outstanding paper presentations at conferences, for service to the profession, or for memorials. The Awards Committee shall administer the various Award programs as provided in Article VII.

Technical Meetings Committee


Electrical Eng. & Comp. Science
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

(740) 593-0106


(740) 593-0007



National Science Foundation
Washington, DC



The Technical Meetings Committee shall have the following responsibilities. Review the AACC guidelines for technical meetings annually and recommend whatever modifications are necessary to the Board of Directors. These changes become AACC guidelines when approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Monitor AACC sponsored technical meetings (the ACC and IFAC technical meetings in the U.S.A.) for compliance with AACC guidelines. Review the financial reports of all AACC sponsored technical meetings.

Education Committee

The Education Committee considers K-12, university, and continuing professional education; and seeks to improve methodologies for education effectiveness and information access.  It also seeks to inform the general public about the importance of systems and control technology and its cross disciplinary nature.  It programs workshops for outreach, sessions to engage instructors at all levels, and liaison with other societies.  Link to to see recent activities.

Communications Committee

Assistant Professor
Brigham Young University