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Edgar Bristol

For pioneering contributions to the relative gain array, pattern recognition, and adaptive control,and their innovative application to industrial process control

Edgar H. Bristol is a graduate of MIT and Beloit College in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. He career has spanned some forty years at the Foxboro Co., where he is now resisting retirement ( He has authored over 100 papers and has numerous patents in control, adaptive control, multivariable control, and control software. He has participated in a number of Process Control Standards efforts dating back to the beginning of the "Purdue Workshop".

He is the originator of RGA analysis and pattern recognition based adaptive control, for which he received the IEEE Control Technology Award and similar AICh and ISA awards. He is currently a fellow of the ISA, and a current or past member of the IEEE, AIChE, ACM, and MAA, and is active nationally and locally in a number of groups within these organizations.