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Paulo Tabuada

For pioneering contributions in the design and implementation of hybrid and embedded control systems

Paulo Tabuada was born in Lisbon, Portugal, one year after the Carnation Revolution. He received his "Licenciatura" degree in Aerospace Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal in 1998 and his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2002 from the Institute for Systems and Robotics, a private research institute associated with Instituto Superior Tecnico. Between January 2002 and July 2003 he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. After spending 3 years at the University of Notre Dame, as an Assistant Professor, he joined the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he directs the Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory.

Paulo Tabuada was the recipient of the Francisco de Holanda prize in 1998 for the best research project with an artistic or aesthetic component. He was a finalist for the Best Student Paper Award at the 2001 American Control Conference and at the 2001 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, as a student, and at the 2008 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, as an advisor. He was the recipient of a NSF CAREER award in 2005 and of the 2009 Donald P. Eckman award from the American Automatic Control Council. He is an IEEE Senior Member, co-edited the volume Networked Embedded Sensing and Control published by Springer, co-chaired the International Conference Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control 2009 (HSCC'09), and serves as an associate editor for the IEEE Embedded Systems Letters. His latest book, on verification and control of hybrid systems, will be published by Springer during the summer of 2009.

His research interests include modeling, analysis, and control of real-time, embedded, networked, and distributed systems; geometric control theory, and mathematical systems theory.