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President's Message

Welcome to the American Automatic Control Council (AACC). Automatic control systems have become far more pervasive today than at any time in the history of humanity, and are nearly everywhere, including automobiles, aircraft, marine vehicles, electric grids, the internet, smart phones, personal digital assistants, fitness trackers, laptops, appliances, manufacturing processes, biomedical robots, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers. Control engineers design, analyze, and implement the automatic control systems that empower these technologies to save energy, increase performance, and have more capabilities. Control systems researchers and leading industrial practitioners develop increasingly powerful control system theory, algorithms, and technologies that enable the design of automatic control systems for increasingly sophisticated systems. The AACC mission is to promote communication and cooperation among the various segments of the automatic control profession in the US and internationally.

Dawn Tilbury
AACC President 2022-2023