AACC Policies


Please download the policy document (PDF) linked below and reimbursement form (Excel) to apply for travel reimbursement.

Information for AACC Directors

The Board of Directors of the AACC is composed of the executive officers and the director of each member society of the AACC. Directors or their appointee, with the consent of the AACC President, are the voting members of the Board. All matters pertaining to the AACC activities including financial; policy; membership activities (including AACC awards); technical activities, conference, symposia and workshop activities; and IFAC related issues fall under the Board's jurisdiction. Please review the information to better understand your responsibilities.

  1. AACC Constitution, By-Laws, and Awards information are available via the AACC Home Page. The full version of the Awards Manual is available upon request

  2. IFAC information brochure is directly from IFAC.

  3. AACC/IFAC manuals for organizing IFAC Technical Meetings and ACC Manual are also available on request.

  4. Directors (or Alternate Directors) are expected to represent their societies on the AACC Board which meets twice a year: once in summer during the ACC and once in the winter (usually during the CDC, unless CDC is held outside the USA).

  5. Material to be voted on or discussed at the AACC Board Meeting is usually available in advance to allow the Directors to consult with their societies.

  6. Issues considered by the Board includes: ACC, IFAC (including dues, candidates for IFAC offices, endorse the AACC vote as the US-NMO), IFAC Technical Meetings or Congress in the USA, AACC Awards, AACC Operations, AACC Finances.

  7. Directors and Alternates are appointed by their societies for a two-year term. The societies are expected to notify the AACC Secretariat by December 31 of the previous year the name of the Directors (Alternates) for the next two year. Outgoing Directors are expected to ensure that their societies appoint their successors.

  8. Directors are expected to nominate society representatives to the ACC Program Committee and inform the ACC Program Chair of the names of the Society Review Chairs for the ACC.

  9. Directors are expected to nominate candidates for membership on the Awards Committee at the request of the Awards Committee Chair.

  10. Directors are expected to have their societies solicit nominations for the AACC Awards to be considered by the Awards Committee.

  11. Directors are expected to notify the AACC Secretariat of any changes in the names of the persons on the Headquarter Staff to be placed on the AACC Mailing List.

  12. Directors are expected to notify the AACC Secretariat of changes in the names of the person in their Society Headquarters to receive a copy of the ACC Proceedings.

  13. Directors are invited to attend the meeting of the ACC Steering Committee which includes the present and all future ACC General and Program Chairs. The Committee is chaired by the AACC Vice-President.

  14. Directors are expected to approve the Awards recipients by e-mail/FAX vote.

  15. Directors are expected to provide the AACC Secretariat an up-to-date list of their Society Magazine or Journal Editors for listing the ACC and IFAC Technical Meetings.